Living in a Dream – Romance Short

After a haphazard start to pre-production we needed to raise money for the project to start production, to do this we used Kickstarter, a crowdfunding site. Unfortunately our designer and editor for the project left the crew at the start of the year so I volunteered to create some logos and posters to help start branding our project. These graphics got approved and have been used throughout the project which I am very proud of. Later, we made a Kickstarter video, the goal of said video is to interest the public and bring to eye what this project could be about so everyone knows where there money will be going. The director, Nathan Adam-Elemen asked if I could animate a graphic inside the video and explained to me that he would like the script to appear as he talks which forms the Living in a Dream logo I created earlier in the project. I finished by adding a simple grade to saturate and improve on the flat setting. The Director explained that the location was unusable for the period allocated due to costs and the element needed for the shot of a train passing on the hour. This would set back our budget as it would cost over £300 to shoot at the station for over an hour.

I offered to recreate the entire train for the crew and embed it into the composition. Using mock-ups to help the director understand what could be done I then proceeded to create the train and insert it into a picture to show how the final product could look. This eases the crew into knowing that they don’t have to time the shot strictly, making the shoot become much easier for time allocation. Due to the crew not having to base the shoot time around the train passing, we could now shoot in under an hour at the train station decreasing the costs by a little over £200. Unfortunately due to a mix-up with scheduling between the actors and the producer, Salem Asenheim, we did not shoot at the train station. As a last minute resort we had to shoot at a car park at night making my task to now try and resemble a train station from this location. I was called the evening before the shoot giving me little time to prepare, I managed to loan a green screen to help myself with inserting the station backdrop behind said characters to create the final look the director was hoping for. After receiving the footage I found out that it was all unusable due to boiling, grain and high ISO temperature. Due to this I could not create a convincing train station so I pleaded to the director for a reshoot. The reshoot didn’t happen until two weeks before the film needed to be handed to the composer for the final edit and by the time I received the footage I only had 5 days to create the station and embed the train. This lead to a shot that I wasn’t fully proud of visually wise, if given more time I would have liked to create an entire 3D environment to help drive the realism of the shot. All in all this was an incredibly tedious and unorganised project that could of been improved in an abundance of ways.

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